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Al-Zour Refinery

Al-Zour refinery is the largest oil refinery in the world that is built within one phase. It has many specifications like: it is 90 kilometers south of Kuwait city, it is built according to international environmental standard and a refining preparation estimated at about 615 barrels per day of Kuwait oil. The design of facilities are related to services support facilities and manufacturing units that were prepared and implemented by several international kicensors in the field of refining like: Chevron Lomas, Shell Global Solutions, Haldur Yoopsu and Fluorelmtd.

Economic Feasibility

  • It actively contributes to improving Kuwait environmental air by reducing the pollutant gases emitted from power plants by 75% by providing them with environmental fuels with a lower sulfur content.
  • It will be held according to the latest engineering designs while maintaining the highest levels of global safety, health and environment standard.
  • The refinery provides a steady supply to power plants of about 225,000 barrels per day of environmental fuel oil and produces approximately 340,000 barrels per day of high-quality petroleum products
  • The refinery was designed in the form of three mini-refineries with the aim of enhancing operational reliability as each mini refinery that contains an atmospheric distillation unit, a residual oil desulfurization unit and a hydrogen treatment unit for diesel, naphtha and kerosene to become the world’s largest complex of desulfurization units.
  • Each mini refinery is connected to the central services units such as tanks and support facilities like gas collection units, hydrogen production units, hydrogen extraction, pressure units, sulfur collector units and utility units.
  • The refinery is distinguished from others by not discharging the manufacturing water during normal operation, by treating it in a system of zero draining and reusing it again.
  • A flare gas recovery system is in place to reduce burners to the minimum also providing ground flares that work without smoke and with low noise. Also providing air monitoring stations and continuous monitoring of air quality. In accordance with the standards and conditions of the Environment Public Authority.
  • The reservoir fields area contains 88 reservoirs with a total capacity of 15 million barrels. In addition to the associated facilities and pipelines.
  • A new berth extending about three kilometers from the shore will be established for the export of individual vessels with a maximum load of 60 thousand tons.
  • Providing more job opportunity for national workers in various petroleum specialties.

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