Technical Affairs


The nature of the department work is represented in supervisiing, controlling and following up on the plans, programmes and the oil sector activities by applying the preservation regulations of the petroleum wealth resources. The manufacturing department comprises the refining controllership and petrochemicals controllership. The duties of each controllership can be summarized as follows:

Refining Controllership

  • Supervision the refining and gas liquefaction operations, the transport lines and storage utilities.
  • Supervision the maintenance of the production and operation units.
  • Follow up the periodical reports received from the oil companies
  • Revision and evaluating the estimated and capital budget of the oil companies whether those listed in the budget or the existing ones for development of the refining units.
  • Supervision on the work progress in the capital budget projects.

Petrochemicals Controllership

  • The supervision and follow up the operations of the Petrochemical Industries Co. in application of law No.19/73 in regard of the preservation of oil wealth resources.
  • Follow up and analyze the periodical reports (monthly and quarterly) of the company's plants (Ammonia plants, Urea Plants, Polypropalene plant) and the Equate Petrochemicals Complex .
  • Preparing the technical reports and the statistical tables on the petrochemical materials and product which are needed by the governmental entities and the concerned external parties.
  • Supervision on the work progress in the projects of the petrochemical industries.
  • Revision and evaluating the estimated and capital budget of the company's projects being received from the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.
  • Putting down the remarks and notes of the technical studies on the petrochemical industry.