Technical Affairs

Objectives of the program:

As stated in the decree for Ministry of Oil delivered on 12/8/1986 and the law No. 19/1973 for protecting the petroleum wealth resources, the ministerial decisions nos. 72/75 and 43/89 concerning the rules of executing the protection law and the ministerial decisions nos. 42/85, 47/93 concerning reorganizing the technical affairs program, the competencies of technical affairs in the field of oil industry shall be as follows:

  • Undertaking all technical matters related to the affairs of oil wealth, exploiting and developing it in a way that secures the growth of State resources and increasing its national income.
  • The technical affairs is considered the only control division in the country which is responsible for all technical and applied matters related to protecting the petroleum wealth resources, preventing wasting or squandering or dispersing it.
  • Supervising the applying by oil companies for the executive regulations of the law related to protecting the petroleum wealth resources.
  • Proposing the general policy of oil and gas sector in relation to the technical aspects and following up the execution of such policy by organizations and companies working in oil and gas sector.
  • Promoting cooperation and developing the relations with the bodies concerned with oil wealth sector.
  • Supervising the safety of petroleum facilities and environment protection.
  • Following up the applying of the regulations related to protecting the petroleum wealth resources and evaluating the efficiency of such application.
  • Analyzing and evaluating the plans, programs and projects in the fields of exploration and development.
  • Evaluating the reports of oil and gas reserve estimates prepared by oil companies.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the estimated budgets of capital projects belongs to Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its companies and also the annual budgets for the joint operations located at Khafji area in connection with the discoveries.
  • Field supervision on all drilling, treatment and gathering oil and gas operations and contributing in combating surface and ground pollution.
  • Technical supervision on oil and gas refining and manufacturing operations in petroleum refineries, oil and petroleum products main transport pipes network from the gathering centers until export and consumption for the purpose of covering the local needs and requirement of export for petroleum products and its derivatives.
  • Receiving the reports about accidents and emergent conditions in case of fire, leakage and outbreaks as a result of corrosion or any other reasons.