Control & Petroleum Mass Media Affairs

Petroleum Documents and Information Department

  • Preparing the working plans and programs at the Department and following up their implementation. 
  • Saving and retrieving petroleum documents and information according to the latest methods.
  • Constant update of information 
  • Using efficient systems in the method of dealing with the different sources and pools of information. 
  • Offering scientific advice and research services to the petroleum sector in the information field.
  • Developing the relations and cooperation with the advanced information center and relevant authorities locally and abroad, such as Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its companies and international organizations such as the OPEC, the OAPEC, etc. 
  • Identifying the degree of significance of documents and information polls and excluding those deemed undesired in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Ministry 
  • Preparing periodical reports on the Department's activities and achievements.

Documents Control:

  • Planning and following up the organization processes of documents.
  • Organizing and classifying the documents and information pools in information banks and observatories which allow their retrieval rapidly and accurately.
  • Using modern technological techniques for saving and retrieving documents and data bases.
  • Offering objective research services using modern technologies. 
  • Continuous update of the list of topics, classification system and alphabetical explorer.

Petroleum Information Control:

  • Acquisition of materials and building the groups concerned with petroleum and other sources of energy through subscription, exchange, gifting and continuous communication with the relevant authorities. 
  • Introducing the existence of information contained by the pools through the use of technical applications and measures for assembly, analysis and review through specialized explorers. 
  • Organizing and arranging information pools according to efficient rules and systems which facilitate their retrieval. 
  • Offering objective research services, referential and bibliographical guidance. 
  • Subscribing in the international information networks specialized in the information and energy field. 
  • Providing the requirements of the Ministry's programs and departments for periodicals and specialized books.
  • Using modern technologies in the information field.
  • Using computerized systems and programs suitable with the types and nature of information and the extent of their suitability with the requirements of the Department.