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Administrative and Financial Affairs

Objectives of the Program:

  • Rendering the administrative and financial services to the Ministry employees.
  • Preparing and executing the Ministry budget draft, preparing the closing accounts as per the instructions issued from Ministry of Finance.
  • Issuing the ministerial and administrative decisions and circulars approved by Minister of Oil and Undersecretary.
  • Supervising the preparing of scholarships and educational leaves plan.
  • Preparing legal researches and memos, statistic data related to employees.
  • Preparing efficiency reports.
  • Payment of employees salaries.
  • Following up the procedures of official missions.
  • Periodical maintenance for the Ministry premises.
  • Maintaining security and safety inside the Ministry premises during and after official working hours.
  • Executing the security plan in case of peace and war as formulated by civil defense works and measures committee.
  • Receiving and distributing mail on the concerned departments.
  • Preparing organizational researches and studies, securing the Ministry needed powers.
  • Developing the administrative and functional structures and classifying the jobs.
  • Forming the store measurement committee and other committees.
  • Ensuring the applying of tender laws, regulations and rules.