Administrative, Financial Affairs & Information System

Information Systems Center

The Information Systems Center lays down the implementation of the general plan for the Ministry in the field of using electronic computers and technical supervision over the Ministry's computers, as well as following computer training programs, as per the general policy outlined by the Ministry of Planning in this field in the State.

The Information Systems Center is concerned with the following matters:

  • Developing working systems and procedures, and documents saving systems in the Ministry, in order to generalize the use of computers and train employees on them in the beneficiary authorities. 
  • Laying down phased plans for the automated development process, determining the execution priority and identifying the computerization requirements, necessary technical staff, and the financial provisions required to be included for this purpose in the Ministry budget. 
  • Laying down the specifications, technical patterns and applicable procedures for contracting to buy or hire computers and their accessories as well as software, documents saving systems and equipments or obtaining technical services or consultations from local or foreign specialized expert firms in these fields, and approving the contracts concluded for this purpose and the technical supervision over their execution in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country. 
  • Submitting the practical support and technical consultations to the Ministry departments for using computers and the available systems in the Center, and benefiting from automated records prepared and supervised by the Center, as being a central information bank on the Ministry's level. 
  • Collecting and classifying information related to the computer systems used in the Ministry, the executing applications and their technical staff, in order to provide the competent authorities in the State with the information on this activity for planning and media objectives.

It consists of the following controls :

This is in addition to the technical office and the administrative coordination unit.

Systems Development Control:

Studies the projects concerned with system development, working procedures, and documents saving systems using electronic computers, preparing and executing applications systems and their maintenance as per the requirements of the beneficiary authorities, offering technical advice to them in these fields. These specializations are carried in the following manner :

  • Preparing annual plans and timetables for executing the projects comprised by the general plan of the center. 
  • Preparing and developing technical procedures and modes concerned with the methodologies for system development and formulating application programs. 
  • Following up the development of technical staff and furnishing the Control with technical references
  • Forming the work teams necessary for implementing project plans in cooperation with the concerned project in charge. 
  • Implementing the projects plans entrusted to the Control under the framework of the approved methodology and timetables scheduled for the project phases and reducing the problems preventing doing so. 
  • Selecting system applications which have been developed to ensure their safety and achievement of the needed requirements prior to handing them over to the beneficiary authority.
  • Receiving the computerized application systems which have been developed and included in the production register for following up their maintenance 
  • Considering the problems resulting in the computerized systems programs under maintenance in order to find the suitable technical solutions in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  • Studying the amendments proposed to be introduced by the beneficiary authorities on the systems or the executed programs in order to satisfy the new requirements or implement the new laws or regulations.
  • Phased follow up of the projects under development
  • Ensuring the integration of documentation of the project
  • Ensuring compliance with the patterns, methods and technical specifications approved for the new systems.

Operation Control:

Laying down and implementing the operation plans for the computer systems, their accessories and peripherals and enhance the use of the available resources in the Control to implement the automated systems included in production register or under development, laying standard criteria for performance, designing and implementing security systems and technical procedures for the computer periphery, computer systems and their accessories, coordinating work with the beneficiary authorities, receiving and controlling inputs and checking and handing over outputs. These specializations are in the following manner :

  • Laying down standard criteria for performance in the Operation Control 
  • Designing and developing forms, records, procedures and methods required for controlling the progress of work inside the Operation Control and following up their use.
  • Coordination with the concerned controls upon implementing changes in the operation systems programs, application systems or automated units and their accessories or the procedures and methods of work. 
  • Performing analytical studies periodically on the production processes. 
  • Identifying the Operations Control’s requirements of operation resources and individuals. 
  • Identifying the requirements for installing new machines, information transfer network and supervising the selection and installation processes and preparing the appropriate locations.
  • Performing store works concerned with operation resources and requirements 
  • Laying down the appropriate security procedures for the individuals, place, machines, data saving and following up their implementation. 
  • Supervising the implementation of a system for providing computerized services in case of crises. 
  • Performing the technical information job to inform the beneficiaries of all the news and information which the Control desires to deliver to them. 
  • Receiving the requests and problems of beneficiary authorities, registering them and informing the concerned units in the center and following up their implementation, solution and notifying the beneficiary authorities of the result. 
  • Implementing the determined security systems and procedures inside the computer hall and informing the concerned persons of the gaps which must be treated to tightly control these systems and procedures 
  • Ensuring the continuation of operation efficiency of the machines, following up the periodical maintenance works of the machines and notifying the concerned authorities in order to fix the break downs
  • Submitting a periodical report on the break downs of the machines to the concerned authorities 
  • Implementing the computerized works related to the installation of machines, transferring or canceling them on their due dates and identifying the priorities. 
  • Supervising the maintenance of information transfer lines and ensuring the efficiency of their operation. 
  • Treating the problems confronted by the beneficiaries of automated systems, in coordination with the concerned authorities. 
  • Receiving and checking the quality of data and recording them on automated storing media and ensuring their validity. 
  • Preparing programs for registering data
  • Preparing the operation procedures for the operations 
  • Handing over output lists, after auditing them, to the beneficiary authorities. 
  • Supervising the magnetized tapes and discs library, and other storing media, controlling and regulating their circulation 
  • Allocating the areas for automated systems in production and automated systems under testing in order to satisfy the requirements of the beneficiary authorities. 
  • Executing the determined procedures in accordance with the security system for the protection of programs and data. 
  • Ensuring that all the automated files are treated in accordance with the security system for the protection of programs and data. 
  • Ensuring that all the automated files are treated according to the determined methods, procedures and modes.
  • Preparing documents for copying and registration on magnetized and photocopying media for computerized treatment.
  • Operation of the available machines in the control, maintaining them and providing the means for ensuring their security and safety
  • Laying down the necessary procedures, criteria and controls for controlling the work. 
  • Conducting production quality tests on the documents saving systems.

Technical Support Control:

Offering the technical assistance to the different units of the center and the authorities benefiting from its services, identifying and implementing the technical methods, procedures and modes in connection with the operation systems, communications, software and data bases. These specializations are performed in the following manner:

  • Establishing and maintaining the technical library, comprising the operation system programs, communications, software and application programs.
  • Preparing, distributing and updating the procedures manual and technical modes concerned with the operation systems, communications, software, data bases and machines. 
  • Evaluating the performance of machine, operation systems programs, software, data bases and presenting the technical recommendations for performing the necessary adjustments therein to upgrade performance level.
  • Preparing and implementing the annual plan project in connection with the machines and software. 
  • Laying down and evaluating the technical methods and procedures
  • Establishing, designing and maintaining communication systems programs. 
  • Designing and experimenting the information transfer network connecting between the beneficiary authorities and the center’s computers. 
  • Providing the appropriate authority for individuals to deal with the machines and programs, and lay down a security system for protecting the use of programs and data. 
  • Establishing and maintaining data bases and laying down the procedures for dealing with them.

Administrative Control Unit:

Coordination with the concerned authorities in the Ministry in connection with the following :

  • Transactions related to the Center personnel affairs 
  • Preparing and following up the Center’s general budget
  • Maintaining the facilities, furniture and office equipments 
  • Performing the technical information and public relations work in the Center

Translation, typing, copying, reception, purchases, stores, archives and other administrative and financial affairs works.

Technical Office:

Performs general studies and researches concerned with the Center’s policy and objectives, as well as the works which are not included under the specialization of a particular unit of the Center. Under this framework, the Technical Office undertakes the following jobs:

  • Preparing and following up the general plan of the Ministry, which includes technical staff, financial allocations, and the systems necessary for using computerized information systems in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities. 
  • Phased follow up of performing computerized information systems projects
  • Reviewing and approving feasibility studies carried out by the specialized units in the Center, and performing the necessary coordination for conformity of such studies with the approved objectives in the Center’s plans. 
  • Reviewing the drafts of contracts which the Ministry plans to concluded with the vendor companies of machines or software or with consultancy expert firms in this domain. 
  • Preparing the official references for the organizational structure and the work procedures manual of the Center.
  • Evaluating the candidate technical expertise for working in the Center, in cooperation with the concerned authorities. 
  • Periodical assessment of the technical sills in the Center in order to prepare and follow up training plans for qualifying candidates to higher jobs, according to the promotion conditions determined in this field. 
  • Periodical analysis of the data of the complaints of users of the Ministry’s automated systems in order to explore the chronic or recurrent problems and treat their reasons in cooperation with the concerned authorities. 
  • Coordinating the relationship with the National Center for Information Center and proposing the procedures which must be followed for increasing the cooperation among them.
  • Preparing periodical reports to the Center.