Administrative, Financial Affairs & Information System

  • The program is concerned with developing automated information systems and using modern technology
  • In the field of computer and its application, it aims at upgrading work performance level in the Ministry.
  • The program is concerned with storing oil documents and information in order to benefit from them in researches, studies and preparing the Ministry's work strategies.
  • Introducing the latest indexing and classification methods for facilitating their retrieval.
  • The program is competent with developing the auto information and use of modern technology in the field of computer and its applications for the purpose of promoting the work performance in the Ministry.
  • Filing the oil documents and information to utilize them in the works of researches, studies and preparing the Ministry working strategy, incorporating the latest indexing and classification systems to facilitate the process of retrieving them.
  • Executing the general plan of the Ministry in the field of using the Computers, technical supervision and support, the periodical maintenance of the systems.
  • Preparing the annual schedules plans and time schedules for executing the projects included in the general plan of the Center.
  • Provide the automatic service in case of disaster.
  • Filing and retrieving of oil documents and information in accordance with the latest means, provide the scientific advice and research services for oil sector in the field of information.
  • Provide subjective research and reference bibliographic guidance services.

Program Objectives of Administrative and Financial Affairs

  • Rendering the administrative and financial services to the Ministry employees.
  • Preparing and executing the Ministry budget draft, preparing the closing accounts as per the instructions issued from Ministry of Finance.
  • Issuing the ministerial and administrative decisions and circulars approved by Minister of Oil and Undersecretary.
  • Supervising the preparing of scholarships and educational leaves plan.
  • Preparing legal researches and memos, statistic data related to employees.
  • Preparing efficiency reports.
  • Payment of employees salaries.
  • Following up the procedures of official missions.
  • Periodical maintenance for the Ministry premises.
  • Maintaining security and safety inside the Ministry premises during and after official working hours.
  • Executing the security plan in case of peace and war as formulated by civil defense works and measures committee.
  • Receiving and distributing mail on the concerned departments.
  • Preparing organizational researches and studies, securing the Ministry needed powers.
  • Developing the administrative and functional structures and classifying the jobs.
  • Forming the store measurement committee and other committees.
  • Ensuring the applying of tender laws, regulations and rules.